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It Was A Dark And Stormy Night…

My writer friends will appreciate the title of this post, I’m sure.  However, literacy is not the point; rather, the insane summer thunderstorms we’ve been having in 2012.

Invariably, they arrive — unannounced — at the god-forsaken hours of the early, early morning.  How early?  2:00am.  Sometimes 3:00am.  And they range from a solid half-hour of house-rattling thunder to a several hour barrage in what it must’ve felt like during the Civil War with relentless cannon fire.

Of course, our daughter hasn’t yet managed to calm her fears.  She tells me that she isn’t afraid of the lightning and thunder, only that it’s too loud and it scares her.  Would that my fears be so simple!  What age hath wrought, no?

Still, we have a few more months of summer to go and I’m sure we’ll experience more of the same.  For me, I’ll take thunderstorms over winter blizzards any day.

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