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Chasing Rainbows

Some insightful commentary from one of my favorite musicians, Fish, that I received in an email newsletter to which I subscribe. I felt that I had to share his thoughts as I, too, understand the feelings contained therein:

“There’s a rainbow outside my window and I wish sometimes, of a moment, I could only find the pot of gold at the end of it to solve so many existing problems and provide some sort of security for others I know.

But do I really need to as it is such a beautiful rainbow to appreciate, over such a beautiful array of hills, on such a beautiful night from such a beautiful home that I can only feel humbled by my surroundings and grateful to have a healthy and relatively peaceful life with friends and family close by. The wealth, the pot of gold, is in the ability to perceive the value of that and what is before you in all the majesty of the moment.

The crock doesn’t and has never existed and that is why only fools chase it so.”

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