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Would You Like Fries With That?

Has it come down to this? Are we all finally so lazy that we are unable to make choices for ourselves without someone prompting us?

Yesterday, I stopped at a McDonald’s restaurant, close to my daughter’s school. I hadn’t had breakfast, so I decided to make a quick run through the drive-thru (see? I’m lazy already.). At the speaker where I am to place my order, I was greeted by a friendly, pre-recorded voice which welcomed me to McDonald’s and inquired if I were interested in a hot, mocha-latte? Then, the actual order-taker-person spoke up and asked to take my order after which he tried to tempt me with a hot apple pie (actually, two… they’re only $1!). No, thank you. I ordered what I wanted to order; no more, no less.

Ok, I completely understand capitalism and the harsh times of the current economy, but does McDonald’s really need to squeeze out that last dollar from me? Heck, they’re lucky I have the money that I do have to order my meager Number One, Egg McMuffin value meal (value? Ha!) with a large Dr. Pepper– no ice.

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This is one aspect that makes people dread shopping for a car, new or used — ah, sorry I meant “previously owned.” They try to sell you on the options packs, those bundles of nuances that really make the car your car. Nevermind that they tell every other prospect the same sing-song. Small electronics? Major appliances? Just try shopping for them without the stress of the decision on the extended warranty. If they are so hung up on how great their product is, it shouldn’t require an extended warranty!

No, I don’t want your mocha-latte. No, I don’t want your apple pies, as un-American as that may sound. I don’t need you to tell me what I want.

And I certainly don’t need some mass-marketed, fast-food chain jockey pushing product for their quarterly quota. You can keep your fries. Really.

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