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Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son

A few weeks back, in 2012, Mrs. Kharmin and her sister took me to see Iron Maiden.  They played most of their songs from their Seventh Son of a Seventh Son album.  I had seen them in concert before and enjoy most of their tunes on my iPod from time to time.  What made this experience different for me was the ability to bring cameras into the venue.

I can hardly see how concert halls and outdoor auditoriums can keep cameras out anymore, what with every mobile phone having one now.  The pictures I took with my DroidX were anything but worthy of posting here on my site.  The resolution is so small that if I were to enlarge these for any profitable purpose, potential buyers would scoff at the mere notion.

Anyway, the evening was enjoyable; Alice Cooper was the opening act.  The performances were great.  Both made use of many props — Alice, of course, was beheaded via guillotine and Maiden had multiple Eddie incarnations — and the crowd just ate it up.

They just don’t write music like this anymore.  Bands don’t rock like they used to … or in Alice’s and Maiden’s cases, still do.  They don’t create epic albums with concepts and stories that transcend generations to bring a listener to a point in time, whether it be a historical lesson of the past or some prophetic outlook granted from when the songs were penned.

You should see these acts, live,  before they’re relegated to the digital age of YouTube, for watching them on your computer can in no way compare to experiencing first-hand these bands in the venues for which much of their music was written.

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