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Version Summary

Version 5.0

The web site jumped a complete version number due to new tools, format and design layout. I am using WordPress to format the site, and the change in format allows visitors to add comments to the posts that are made. Also, I was able to setup kharminspage forums for people to have discussions about whatever. Using WordPress allows these changes to be made much easier than if I were to try and manually code the page. As things move forward we may have more interactive tools and tricks for visitors to use.

The theme that I am using makes wholesale changes to the site much easier, so the layout that is in this version may be modified from time to time until I find fonts, colors and layouts that I like. I encourage visitors to leave their feedback on the site, too!

Version 4.0

A complete format change. I moved the smaller width items to the left side of the page. The main section will feature a Story of the Month with some relevant theme or such. Musings will continue whenever they (the muses that is) decide to inspire me and will keep the same function as before– they’re all about me. This change will also affect the archives page, but I haven’t figured out what I want to do there or how I want to divide past musings and past monthly features. There will probably be two separate pages, but again that’s still in the formulative stage.

The left side will feature musings, as I said, as well as the first line or so of my most recent blog over on At the bottom of the site are the Twitter and Meebo apps where people can either see what I’m doing or chat with me via Meebo, provided I’m online at the time. Between these two apps will be the rotating album covers feature that was added in version 3.01. This feature may fall off in a future version of the site as it is losing its appeal to me.

The very bottom of the page will remain as the location of any banners I decide to put up. The link to email me will be kept there as well.

Version 3.01

Version 3.01 adds the What’s on Kharmin’s iPod rotating block of album cover images. These are what I am listening to the most often and not a complete listing. I hope to add the ability to click on the image so that you can go to an album listing somewhere on the internet, but so far that coding eludes me. Stay tuned.

Version 3.0

Version 3.0 is a complete overhaul of the site layout. The format of the site and the associated banners has been completely altered. The vertical blocks of content that run down the right of the page will be changed from time to time. I hope that you enjoy the new look!

Version 2.51

Version 2.51 adds RSS feeds to the main page. With the use of an RSS aggregator, you can now get updates automatically!

Version 2.5

Version 2.5 is merely a move off of Geocities to an actual web hosting company. Yes, folks, I’m paying for this now. Not only were the banners really annoying, Geocities didn’t allow for much traffic. Now, with the addition of the Charlie Rock newsletter and other stuff, the site quickly overran its allotment of page hits. So, to help the traffic issue (as well as move from a small amount of disk space to much more!), we’ve moved.

Look for version 3.0 soon, now that I have an entire screen to work with!

Aside from this change, the site is pretty much the same as version 2.0.

Version 2.0

No longer satisfied with the frame look, and pestered once again by the annoying Geocities banners, I decided to work with tables to re-format the site into an easier to manipulate view. Earlier musings were moved to an archive page, and the frames vanished.

Version 2.0 also marks my first attempt at using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), a more advanced and somewhat challenging technique than was used in version 1.0.

Version 1.0

Version 1.0 opened the door for me to put my toe into the Internet. From early musings of pointless wit, version 1.0 was the springboard to HTML hard-coding and learning about frames and tables. No longer available (I failed to archive that version, but no matter… the links would have all died anyway), version 1.0 showed that I could indeed successfully launch a foray into the ether.

Then, my friend left for Iraq, and I decided to chronicle his adventure with pictures, letters and whatever else I could get my hands onto. Soon after, the politics of the war got me on my soapbox, and Kharmin’s Page took a turn to the elections.

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