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Support Our Troops!

 Kharmin very proudly supports the soldiers of Charlie Rock! 

I ask you to support the men and women who are fighting to preserve our freedom.
Please support our troops, and pray that they come home safely– and soon!


   ** Click here for some excerpts from letters that have made their way home!**

    ** September 2004 Charlie Rock Newsletter! Click here for details! **

3/24/04    One of my best friends from high school, Todd Claiborne,
is currently in Baghdad, serving with Charlie company 458th ENGR BN.


He, and his unit, have been in Iraq since around March 13, 2004.
We are all so very proud of him and his fellow soldiers
(as well as everyone else in Iraq!), serving their country without complaint.

Well, almost without complaint. The facilities, although better than expected, are nothing like home.
Here are some photos from their staging area in Kuwait before arriving in Iraq.
I think you’ll see what I mean!


There are over 60 soldiers in each tent– talk about close quarters!
I’m certain that it gives them all a chance to get to know one another…!


Anyway, our last bit of information has the unit in Iraq in Baghdad,
and they are quite ready to do their job with the confidence and precision of the US Army!
You go guys (and gals!)!!


Here are a couple more pictures from Iraq…

Our Man in Action!

Siesta time?

Preparing to work.

Grading for a soccer field

Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

Ready and waiting to come home!

Finally! Todd back State-side! Welcome home, soldier! Job well done!






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