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Letters to Kharmin

Below are letters that I have received from visitors to Kharmin’s Small Piece of the ‘Net. All letters are published with their respective authors’ permission.

Sat, 13 Nov 2004
I just got off your webpage. Thank you for all the nice things you say about our troops! My son is in the 458th En Bn. Sgt Christopher Null is with C. Co. 3rd platoon. In what platoon is your friend Todd Claiborne?

Take care and keep up the good work.

Ken Null

SAVE THE EARTH!! … it’s the only planet with chocolate

Kharmin Replies!

Dear Mr. Null,

Thank you for writing to me about my web site. I am happy to be able to do my part to support our troops and their efforts throughout the world, especially in Iraq. I am a firm believer in Middle East democracy making the world safer. I originally set this web site up to argue against those who spoke negatively about our troops’ efforts in Iraq (you know, the whole “it’s a quagmire” complaint) and to show, from a soldier’s perspective, what things are really like over there. That’s why I’ve also included excerpts of letters from Todd, with his permission of course! I hope that you have time to look through those, too.

SFC, EN Todd Claiborne is the Equipment Section Leader for the Support Platoon. He wrote their piece for the newsletter, which is also posted on the web site.

I think what our soldiers have done and continue to do is remarkable and commendable. We truly have the best fighting force in the world! Todd’s attitude has been that he is doing his part so that other soldiers can stay home, and when it’s their turn, they will do the same for him. He is quite proud to serve our country and do the best he can!

I pray that your son Chris stays safe and returns home soon. Reading their platoon’s segment of the newsletter again renews the respect I have for all of the troops, including him. You must be extremely proud of him. With your permission, I’d like to start a page on the web site for feedback, and I would like to start with your letter– but don’t feel obligated to consent. =)

I am sending a copy of this email to Todd, so maybe he will be able to contact your son; I know how important it is for them to know that we back home are thinking of them!

Again, thank you for taking the time to write, and keep checking back for more news and letters as I receive them!

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