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Wizard 101

Ok, so my latest addiction is a kids’ game. So sue me.

Actually, my wife set up our daughter with an account at Wizard101 and both Mrs. Kharmin and I decided to create our own accounts so that we could all play the game together. It has since taken over.

Wizard101 is a free-to-play online multi-player game, meaning that you can just create an account and go. However, to unlock the more advanced content requires some investment and depending on how much real cash you wish to spend, you can gain access to various levels and whatnot.

Basically, your character is a student at Wizard school. You have your own dorm room which you can decorate with a variety of things that you get as rewards from completing quests. You have instructors to teach you skills and they maintain a consistent storyline for you to follow.

Someone cast a Firecat spell!

In Wizard101, your character obtains assorted quests from the computer characters throughout the game. While achieving your goals, you do arcane combat with the evil denizens who walk about everywhere. Here is where my interest was piqued: combat is done with using a deck of virtual cards which represent creatures or other buffs/de-buffs that your character must decide and cast. This is very much like Magic: The Gathering, which Mrs. Kharmin and I were into several years ago.

There is a fair amount of strategy involved with choosing what to use in combat as some of the opponents are resistant to certain types of spells (fire, ice, etc). Battles can be with up to four players versus four opponents and many times the players cooperate to take out a particular foe or to increase the defenses of another player. There is an arena for player versus player challenges, but that’s paid content and not something that appeals to us.

In the game, you can obtain a pet (and train it, too!), different outfits that you can dye in unique colors and mystical mounts that you can ride. I saw one guy zipping around on a flying carpet!

The game is rated E for Everyone 10 years and older. Our daughter is younger, but we feel comfortable enough with what we’ve seen to allow her to play under the restrictions that we can set with the built-in parental controls. And for those of us over 40 (egad!), it’s entertaining enough especially when following your own kid on his/her adventures.

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