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Tastes Like Chicken

Last Saturday, Mrs. Kharmin, our daughter and I piled into the Tahoe and headed to my parents’ house for the day.  The granddaughter was most excited to spend the day with her grandparents and her cousin who would be there as well.

I was looking forward to the steaks.

Earlier in the week, when discussing the Saturday plans with my mom, steak on the grill was the menu du jour.  Vernal equinox, after a long snow-filled winter, practically called for a cookout especially since the day called for loads of sunshine and unseasonably warm temperatures.  Coupled with a cold brew, what could go wrong?

Dinner-time came and you probably guessed it… no steaks.  Buh? Instead, we had some chicken glazed with peaches and almonds.  I asked, “What happened to the steaks?”

“Well,” my mother replied, “your brother and sister-in-law were over last night and we had the steaks with them.”

The chicken dish was actually quite good, but try as I might it just didn’t taste like steak… and it wasn’t for lack of effort.

But I did get the last of her prized Blastin’ Berry Cherry Kool-aid which she and I both enjoy but can no longer find in the supermarkets so the day wasn’t a total loss.  Maybe,  if I play my cards right, I might score a chocolate pie on my next visit as it is my brother’s favorite.

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