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Kharmin 2, Mother Nature 1 (Final)

The biggest snowstorm to hit the east in my memory has finally abated. The game began last Friday and finished around 11pm local time Wednesday night. The score? Kharmin 2, Mother Nature 1.

The first wave, we overcame easily enough.  We had all weekend to dig out and by Monday we were able to get to wherever we needed to go.  Even though the snow emergency routes weren’t cleared as well as I thought they should be, I was still able to get to work and home again without incident.

Tool of the Champion.

Tuesday afternoon, the second half of the game began in earnest.  Mother Nature really must’ve had some inspirational half-time speeches because she blew in with a vengeance.  I was able to snow-blow the driveway that night, but the darkness made it too unsafe and I retired for the evening.  Still, every few hours I had to dig the heat pumps out from the drifting snow.  Mrs. Kharmin helped, too, and it was a back-and-forth battle.

Wednesday, she kept blowing snow.  I had expected to be able to get up and out of our driveway, but Mother Nature wouldn’t hear of it.  After progressing to the top of the driveway once with the snow blower, I decided that we should just resign and call in our plow-guy on Thursday after the storm.  The arrangements were made and the score was tied 1-all.

Take that Mother Nature!

The sun peaked out right on schedule Thursday morning, so I decided to give the snow blower one more crack at the driveway, hoping that once cleared the sun would melt the remainder and make our driveway dry.  Cresting the top of the hill, my machine and I would not be denied (although we had to manually shovel a 15 foot long path near the top) and we persevered!  A late come-back play netted our victory over Mother Nature.  To celebrate, Mrs. Kharmin, my daughter and I took the truck and headed out to McDonald’s (and no, they didn’t ask if we wanted fries).

Snow Truck Ready!

Tomorrow, Friday, is the last day of the week.  Mrs. Kharmin’s office might still be closed and I’m fairly sure our daughter’s school will be as well.  Me?  I intend to strike out and test those snow emergency routes and return to the office.

I think I need a vacation from being stuck at home.

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