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Remembering Pearl

Not nearly old enough to have remembered the actual event, I did want to take time out of my day to reflect and remember the attack on Pearl Harbor which essentially thrust the United States into the second world war.

Every day, I thank our brave men and women of our armed forces for doing the job that I wouldn’t want to do and for sacrificing so much to ensure our safety and our way of life. I echo the many before me who proclaim these people as the true heroes of our day.

The attack on Pearl has been recounted and analyzed ad infinitum and I would do the topic no justice by adding to it here.  A very sad day during a very harrowing time, and far too many lives were lost on both sides of the war.

Today, I thank the heroes of my past, my present and my future and hope and pray for their safety and for their ability to continue to excel at the tasks which are placed in front of them.

Thank you.

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