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I Am My Father’s Son

Yes, it’s true.  Exactly so.  It occurred to me over the Thanksgiving weekend in two, undeniable truths.  Let me explain.

My daughter was away at my in-laws for a few days and Mrs. Kharmin was out of the house on some social event which left me all alone to find my own dinner.  Now, I am a capable enough cook when I want to be (which is almost never) and I am handy around the kitchen; however, when left to my own devices I take the easiest, laziest route: microwave popcorn.

Is there anything that doesn’t go with microwave popcorn?  Not only that, but it is easily one of the most filling of foods depending on how many bags you make.  And that’s the best part– with multiple microwaves (one in the kitchen and one in the downstairs bar) you can quickly immerse yourself in a veritable treasure-trove of buttery goodness!  Oh, and there is some nutritional value as well.

Now, this isn’t to say that my father is lazy– no, not at all!  But, I can remember times when popcorn would have been his preferred bachelor-evening dinner just as it was mine.

But wait, there’s more!

NOT me and Dad, but you get the idea.

Sunday, we headed to church. As far back as I can remember, my dad always wore his suit to church. Regardless of how I feel on Sunday mornings, I wrestle that neck tie around my collar. I don’t pull myself into my whole dress suit, but I do get that tie around my neck — I can at least do that. But it is my father’s example which, to this day, still impresses upon me the importance of dressing for church as a sign of respect. It makes me wonder just what some of the other parents must be thinking when their kids come to church in ripped jeans and sneakers or mini-skirts which are barely mini! At any rate, the neck tie is yet another way of connecting me back to my dad.

There are, I’m sure, a host of other things that have been passed down to me from my dad– too many for me to count– and I’m sure that my older sibling has his share of memories and other trivia from our youth. In all, it seems that he must’ve done something right because both my brother and I have happy, successful families and a strong foundation to relate to our own children.

It is my hope that I can do just as good as a job as my dad.

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