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Kharmin’s Pledge of Allegiance

With nationalized health care pretty much ready to be forced down on us feeble serfs from the aristocracy on the Hill (one step closer now:, I thought that I might as well start practicing with our new pledge of Allegiance:

I pledge allegiance
to the Government
of the United Socialist States of America
and to the unions
to which I’m indentured
one nation,
under debt,
divisible by race
with liberty and justice for an elite few.


This is only my first draft. I am working on revising it and making it more suitable for the public school system to drill into our children. I figure that I have a little time left yet until this government mandated act of liberal compassion has been made law. After that, I’ll have lost my ability to have any freedom of thought or expression as our country devolves just like every other fascist state.

Then, it won’t matter to whom I pledge my allegiance.

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