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Presidential Politics

“The Senator’s willingness to trade principle for political convenience makes it clear that John Kerry is the wrong man, for the wrong job at the wrong time.”
US President George Bush – 10/28/04 Dayton, Ohio

After my last entry, I realized that I had gotten away from starting my writings with a quote. So, I found this one from the President’s appearance in Dayton, Ohio earlier this week. He was speaking about how the challenger for the presidency has used whatever was politically expedient at the time to further his political aspirations. Specifically, how Senator Kerry has accused our President of incompetence in the light of the missing munitions at the Al-QaQaa facility outside of Baghdad, Iraq; however, the senator used this topic to attack the President without verifying the facts.

It’s no small wonder that the accusations against the Bush administration which have no basis in fact keep springing up from the mainstream media, especially CBS. We learn, after the story has broken all over CBS and the New York Times, that these munitions weren’t even there when “an embedded NBC News correspondent said the facility appeared to have been emptied by the time U.S. forces got there.” (read story here) If it isn’t obvious to everyone now that the mainstream media exists only to further the liberal, Democrat party causes, then I don’t know how much more blatant they can be and still get away with it.

But enough about politics. The US elections are less than a week away, and from my limited and very impromptu polling, most people have already made up their minds.

After this election, the timbre of these musings should be much lighter and more to the original point of this web site… me!

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