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Kharmin Fights the Sith

“I am stronger than you.”

So spake the Sith Lord I encountered in the Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy demo. I laughed at this statement of obvious cowardice, and with my dual-fisted lightsabers, I sprang at the evildoer. Landing just in front of the dark lord, I slashed twice at him.

He attacked by using his Sith Lord skills, first touching me and draining all of my force powers. Without that, I couldn’t heal using my Force Heal skill. No matter, I still had two lightsabers to his one. I sprang again, and he caught me in some electrical attack, which flung me to the ground like a discarded ragdoll. I struggled to rise, and turn my lightsabers back on, and he very neatly sliced me in half.

Huh… I guess he was right. Drat. Oh well, this is why we have SAVE GAME options! =)

It took several attempts, but eventually, I prevailed in defeating this menace to the good side of the force! Yeah, go Jedi–but, wait a minute….! Now two more have appeared from behind some columns. Um, time to run! They taunt me, telling me I have nowhere to go, nowhere to hide.

I’d like to say I gave as good as I got, but that would just be a flat out lie. Lesson learned: SAVE GAME after every victory, for now I have to go back and fight the first one all over again.

In the end, though, it is I who am the strongest. All I have to do is QUIT GAME and the forces of darkness are once again vanquished– erased from RAM, only to lie dormant as a 188MB collection of 1s and 0s on my hard drive, waiting for me to challenge them once more.

As a demo, it isn’t bad if you like the whole first-person shooter (FPS) style of gaming. It uses Id technology, which is the same that is used in Doom3. However, the graphics are nowhere as clean as Doom3. The best part, though, is that it’s free, and for a half-hour or so of mindless hack/slash PC gaming, it modestly satisfies.

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