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GPS Gone Dark

Ain’t this a kick in the pants? My Garmin died earlier this week. Just shut down. Went dark. Kaput. I contacted Garmin, and they told me that it was a known issue and started processing a replacement for me. Then, two days later, I get this email:

Mandatory Software Update

Today, Garmin released a free, mandatory GPS software update to correct a software issue that has been discovered to cause the nuvi 7×5 devices to repeatedly attempt to update GPS firmware, and then either shut down or no longer acquire GPS satellite signals.

Garmin nüvi 7×5 series products that are no longer able to acquire a GPS satellite signal may download a firmware update immediately that will correct the software issue. This firmware update may be downloaded using Garmin’s WebUpdater program.

Garmin nüvi 7×5 customers who are no longer able to power on their GPS device will need to visit, and select the first FAQ titled “My nüvi 755T, 765T, 775T or 785T is giving me the message ‘Updating GPS Firmware’ or will no longer power on…” Customers will then need to follow the instructions to request a return authorization so that the device may be repaired under warranty.

We know our customers rely upon their Garmin GPS device(s), especially during the summer travel season, and we regret any inconvenience this situation may have caused. We are committed to developing products that are known for their quality and reliability and will continue to work diligently to earn the trust of our customers.

Looks like I got a bad firmware update and had it not done so automatically, I may have been able to get the correct firmware and avoided all of this mess.

At least the CS rep has been nice. Once their processing is complete, he’s going to send my replacement unit next day air.

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  • We bought this as our second Garmin Nuvi 780 because we loved the first one so much. I did not think I needed a GPS unit and thought it was a waste of money. Boy was I wrong. This unit is so helpful, not only with directions but also finding food while on the road, gas stations and prices, etc. It gives the estimated arrival time and can steer you around construction or traffic. I used it on a recent trip to Chicago and it was a life saver. We used it on a trip to Florida and plan to take it with us when we go to Hawaii. I also feel better about my kids being out because I know they can find their way if needed. We got one for my father-in-law for Christmas and he carries it around in his pocket!! Two of my brother-in-laws bought one also, they could see how great and useful this unit is.