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Happy Mothers’ Day!

“My mother never saw the irony in calling me a son-of-a-bitch.”
– Jack Nicholson

Happy (late) Mother’s Day, to all mothers out there. I apologize for making this an after-the fact entry, but maybe after I explain, you’ll understand.

First, let me say that our little girl’s mom had an o.k. Mother’s Day. No breakfast in bed or anything like that– although, we did go the the local town’s Main Street and had breakfast at their little cafe/diner. But I’m getting ahead of myself here.

On Friday, we discovered that we had a leak in the water pipe leading to the water heater. It was a small leak, so we didn’t get flooded out or anything; however, it was most persistent. We ended up shutting off the water main, and draining all of the water lines in the house. This discovery was made late in the evening, so we were in pretty good shape for the night.

Saturday, we woke early, and set out for my brother-in-law’s house in the next state– about an 1½ hour drive. I was going to be setting up a network in his office, so we decided to leave the water off, so we wouldn’t have to worry about the leak getting any worse during our absence. We packed to stay overnight at his home, baby and all. Once again, I’m glad I have the truck!

Well, the network installation took all day, and our little girl fussed all day for being in a strange environment. We decided to bag the overnight trip, and take her home to sleep in her own crib. I tried to perform a repair on the pipe, but after a long day and all that, it didn’t work out.

Sunday, we headed into town for Mom’s breakfast. All of the patrons at the cafe “ooh-ed” and “aah-ed” over our baby, and she soaked it all up, gifting everyone with smiles. We called my sister-in-law, who lives about 20 minutes away, and explained our lack of water situation. It was decided that we would all pack up and head to her place for dinner and much desired showers. Before heading over there, we stopped at the local hardware store for some pipe-repair compound, and then shopped at the best SuperFresh around (I love this store, too!). We returned home, and I tackled the pipe with the compound, and let it stand for more than the recommended time. While I waited, I moved the remainder of the wood from off of the corner of the driveway, and stacked it behind the house for next winter.

Dinner at my sister-in-law’s place was Popeye’s spicy chicken! We had a coupon for buy 11 pieces, get 11 free… can they really make money that way? Showered, fed and relaxed on the deck was the best feeling we’d had all weekend. Even our little one got a bath, which she still seems to enjoy. Finally, by the time it got dark we made it back home.

So, you see, it was a long, drawn-out weekend, full of so many time-consuming variables that there was just no time to finish this Mother’s Day update. What, you may ask, has all of this to do with the opening quote from Mr. Nicholson? Absolutely nothing. I just liked it. It is so Nicholson.

I hope that all mothers out there had an enjoyable Mother’s Day. Despite all of our problems and traveling around, my wife assures me that she enjoyed hers. I hope so, because the actual day differed so much from what I had envisioned for her. She told me that she still doesn’t feel much like a mother yet, but that perhaps she would feel more so once she gets that first macaroni necklace, made by our baby’s own two hands.

At least I know what to get for her next year!

Also, Happy Birthday to my brother! He is, once again, four years older than I. =P

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