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She Speaks!

–Kharmin’s daughter’s first word.

Wow. Of all of the words in the English language, and with all of the talking we do around our little girl, this is the first word that she actually says? She’s been babbling for months, saying “Dah-dah-dah-dah” and so forth, but this was the first actual word she said: “Duck.” So, where did that come from?

Well, I was giving her her evening bath before going to bed, and in the tub we have this rubber duck. It’s one of those saftey things, that on the bottom shows whether or not the water is too hot before you put the baby in the tub. Well, once she was seated in the tub, I handed her the toy, and said, “duck”, to which she responded by repeating the word. Then, she would drop it and pick it back up and say, “duck” again. She did this about four or five times! It was evident to me that this was a deliberate utterance, not some chance muttering. No multiple syllables; just the one: “Duck.”

I told my wife about it afterward, and we decided to give it another day, and see if our little girl did it again. So, fast-forward to the next evening. My wife was giving our daughter her bath, while Dad (me) was taking care of other chores, and when she was handed the rubber duckie, she grasped it and said, “duck.”

That clinched it. Two different opportunities, with two different parents, she performed her newest trick. We congratulated her, and encouraged her to keep it up (which after a few tries apparently it loses it’s appeal, for she gave up and started chewing on a wooden spoon), all the while silently thanking ourselves that she hadn’t picked up some other, forbidden word, to be her first. I’m not sure about my wife, but I was a little jealous that the toy duck emerged as the first word over “da-da” for daddy.

Alas, it seems that in this, too, our daughter has her own agenda.

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