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Tuning In By Tuning Out

“So… now what’s it gonna be?
There’s someone in an office
who decides what we see.
All things considered
by the time that you could read about it
Yeah, someone’s put a spin around it.”
Off the TVGeoff Tate

Can it get any more true than that? Who didn’t know how biased the mainstream media is in the United States? After the CBS debacle (Rathergate), it’s rather obvious now, isn’t it? And knowing that this bias exists, is it any wonder that the McCain-Feingold bill passed, practically stomping the First Amendment into the ground? Once campaign finance reform passed, the way was open for the mainstream media to say whatever they wanted about a candidate, and the candidate would have virtually no recourse!

Of course the mainstream press, being substantially slanted to the left (and I use the term substantially so as not to be too harsh), cannot possibly want George W. Bush re-elected. Not only do they report fabricated documents as legitimate (even when they knew that they possibly were forged), but they continue to talk negatively about the war on terror and in Iraq. They moan and complain that the war is a Vietnam-like quagmire, and that we are doing more to hurt the people in Iraq than to help them.

Nothing could be farther from the truth! You can read here, first hand, the goings-on of my high-school chum in Iraq right now, and the progress that is being made. Don’t believe him? How about Iraq’s Prime Minister Allawi and the statements he made in the Rose Garden? Just read:

“…Iraqis are getting on with their daily lives, hungry for the new political and economic freedoms they are enjoying. Although, this is not what you see in your media, it is a fact… thanks to a large extent to the generous security and reconstruction funding approved by the United States Congress, work is underway. Oil pipelines are being repaired. Basic service has improved; streets and homes rebuilt; schools, hospitals and clinics reopened. Thousands of Iraqis have new jobs. Salaries have been increased dramatically — in many cases, five or four times over. Iraq’s economy, freed from the stranglehold of a failed Baathist ideology, has finally started to flourish. … So, really, I call upon the responsible media — throughout the world, not only here — to look at the facts as they are in Iraq and to propagate these facts to the international community.”

Because of our resolve, millions of oppressed people in Iraq are no longer oppressed. They will hold their first democratic election– something many of us here take for granted (but that’s another posting for another day). And if I hear one more idiot make the “no weapons of mass destruction” argument, then they are truly ignorant of what is going on, and has gone on, in the Middle East.

So, all you Americans, keep this in mind when you head to the polls in November: everything that you have heard from the mainstream press is slanted to favor the Democratic presidential candidate. Do your research. Look at the issues (both foreign and domestic) from every possible angle, and make an informed choice, for to be blindly led by the press into voting for a particular candidate is no better than not voting at all.

Just take your eyes off the TV.

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Never Forget

“Terrorist attacks can shake the foundations of our biggest buildings, but they cannot touch the foundation of America.”
– U.S. President George W. Bush, 9/11/01

We will never forget the cowardly attacks on America three years ago from today. Out of this, our nation has become stronger, closer and more resolute. This year’s election notwithstanding, all Americans can agree that terrorism is now a very real danger.

More recently, we’ve seen the terrorist attack in Chechnya, where these fanatics took innocent men, women and children hostage for several days, before unleashing their form of “negotiation” on them in the guise of homemade bombs and cowardly shootings in the back (of kids, no less!).

We cannot afford to forget the lessons learned over the last decade of the lengths to which these fascists will go to undermine freedom, democracy and decent lives for the common man; their hatred and lust for oppressive power in the name of their divine guidance drives them to these insane and inhumane courses. It is unfortunate that, like the airplanes on 9/11, these idiots have hijacked what should be a peaceful religion, and now subvert it to their own, selfish desires.

For me, I am tired of trying to sympathize with these terrorists– the same who use homicidal bombers (let’s not kid ourselves; these aren’t suicide bombers because they don’t just kill themselves– if only they would!) to try and get the rest of the world to bow before their self-proclaimed superiority. I no longer care to understand why they wish utter and complete destruction on the free world. I only want it to stop, and if that means eradicating these fanatics, then I’m all for it.

There can be no sympathy or understanding for people who would willfully slaughter thousands of non-combatant civilians in the name of their religion, and I don’t just say this because they attacked my homeland.

The civilized world should completely condemn these people. The civilized world should work to remove them from their positions of influence and power. The civilized world should never forget the bravery and courage of those who sought to save the victims of these senseless attacks, here in America, and around the globe.

The civilized world should never forget the events of September 11, 2001.

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