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Worldwide Communications

“Incoming transmission; com-link established.”

That’s kinda catchy, isn’t it? It’s from Starcraft, and I use it for my instant messenger program to signal a new IM (I use Trillian to cover all of the IM bases). I heard it yesterday, as usual, and expected to see my wife, brother or one of many friends I talk with throughout the day.

Imagine my surprise to see it was Todd– all of the way from Iraq! Isn’t technology wonderful? I’ll try to post excerpts from the log of our chat soon.

He’s been promoted, but I’ve somewhere lost the email that says to what rank. Either way, that’s a good thing. More pay for a job I’m glad he’s doing and not me! Go Todd! Go Troops!

Anyway, nothing else much in the way of news. I’ve added a couple more letters, and have been assured that more pictures will be en route, as soon as they find time to take ‘em. On the home front, the pregnancy is going well (looking at a Christmas baby), and none of the typical symptoms have reared their ugly heads. What else?

Oh, right, I picked up my copy of Doom 3, and already a friend of mine has finished it. Thanks, Tom. Now I have nothing to look forward to in the gaming realm! LOL At least I can still beat you at darts.

Well, that’s about all for this entry. Go ahead, and poke around on the site, and keep up on the Support our Troops! page… you never know what might show up there next.

Remember to look both ways before crossing the street, and hold your Mommy’s hand!

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